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iEC12 Plus Climate Controller Series

1: 12 channel relays + 3 channel analog outputs
2: 3-way analog output
3: Support negative pressure control type
4: Support 4-way temperature
5: Support 2-way humiditySupport sensor expansion
6: Support fan rotation and exchange
7: Support power failure alarm (requires battery power)
8: Support access to the Internet of Things system
9: Support sensor expansion
10: Support dual power
Product details

iEC12 Plus Intelligent Environment Controller is developed for modern hoggery with IoT management function.The controller has the following functions: built-in dual CPU security redundancy; remote monitoring and alarm functions on cell phone and computer to effectively avoid missed alarm and fake alarm; high safety protection level of power system to effectively eliminate lightning, variable frequency interference and AC contact harmonic interference, etc.; industrial large display with intuitive operation and simple settings; itcan work in a wide temperature range; automatic fan rotation to effectively protect and extend fan life; Smooth ventilation curve to avoid animal stress; the opening of curtain and damper can be controlled through the negative pressure; real-time fan airflow calculation via negative pressure; light program can work at ON/OFF mode, and sunrise and sunset simulated with light dimmer; for low age, negative pressure, wet curtain, wind speed control.

12 relay output

3 analog outputs (VFD fan, Light dimmer, variable heating, curtain/damper)

2 potentiometer access (curtain/damper)

4 builtin temperature sensors (maximum can be 8 in total with extension board)

2 humidity sensors (humidity2 can convert CO2)

3 pulse input (water meter and so on)

1 RS485 communication for extra sensors (Electricity meter and other sensors)

2 digital input (DI) alarm

1 power Lost alarm

1 battery monitoring input for DC battery

1 alarm output

4 extension interfaces (CO2 sensor,Pressure sensor and other devices)

Extensible networking module

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