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Ai6000 Central Alarm Controller

1: Support 100 environmental controllers to collect alarm information
2: 220V power supply(built-in battery, power failure alarm)
3: Available to connect to one channel of alarm horn output (12V output)
4: Support voice output of alarm content
5: Support the free choice of alarm content
6: Support SMS and phone alarm
7: Support alarm statistics and alarm log query
8: Shortcut keys (volume"+-""alarm reset")
9: Support 4G full Netcom, WIFl and wired network
10: Support RS485 communication expansion function
Product details

The central alarm controller is a device used in the breeding industry, which integrates monitoring system and alarming system. It is suitable for various farms that install the breeding IOT system. The system is simple in operation, powerful in function and beautiful in design, which enables users to manage the farm more conveniently and quickly. System functions include: alarm monitoring, alarm query, alarm setting, remote upgrade, etc.

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