Level 4 User rights management

Enterprise user--->Branch user--->Farm level users--->breeder user
Fully meet the needs of large group users, equipment factory users and farm users

Animal husbandry IOT management platformIntelligent farming solution

Ten years concentration makes profession

Multiple numbers can be set
The highest alarm level - telephone
Text alarm details
Cooperate with telephone alarm use
Wechat small program real-time alarm
View the alarm shed details
Field centralized alarm terminal
Intelligent terminal in office area
Event log & Alarm
Event notification in a variety of ways
Detailed alarm events, modification records and login logs, traceability analysis function is powerful
The alarm pops up in real time, and all alarm sheds are automatically arranged on top
A single house can set up to 9 alarm numbers, through the server Settings, easy to operate
Alarm information can be compiled through the server, so that the text message content is easier to understand
The alarm can be set by means such as time segment and alarm mode to avoid unnecessary harassment
Remote real-time data & Monitoring Environmental data Equipment status Production data

Wechat applet breeding data monitoring

Computer graphics aquaculture data monitoring
Computer software list data monitoring overview
Data analysis, remote Diagnostics & Parameter setting
Equipment fault diagnosis - Effects of network fluctuations on equipment
Environmental data diagnosis - equipment operation rationality analysis
Health data diagnosis -- analysis and warning of the health status of livestock and poultry caused by drinking water
Equipment performance diagnosis - equipment energy efficiency, running time, equipment life analysis
Remote parameter modification -- Improve the flow of people to improve the epidemic prevention capacity, reduce the cost of service
Breeding cycle data export in Excel format -- Environmental data and production data can be exported to Excel mainstream office software format to improve analysis ability and report efficiency
Monitoring and historical data analysis of electric quantity information, voltage, current and power grid fluctuation in the pig house and chicken house to improve the safe operation of equipment in the house
Environmental data Analysis & Early warning Promote the optimization of aquaculture environment controller parameters
Equipment state rationality analysis, energy consumption totals and equipment maintenance reminders
The remote parameters of aquaculture environment controller were set and modified, and the parameters were exported to excel format
Fast data docking pig farm, chicken farm management software
Environment data, device data, and automatically collected production data are connected through the data server
And professional pig farm, chicken farm management software perfect combination, to provide a full range of farming information service system
The docking mode of building blocks makes the system have infinite expansion function
Farming iot environmental control devices are equipped with wireless and wired networking modes Wireless wiring free construction, easy installation
The 4G all-Netcom wireless function
The RJ45 port connects to the cable switch directly to the Internet
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