Farming IOT system

Remotely connect to the climate controller for various

functionaloperations without limits by locations

Basic function of Farming IOT system

Date reportData

collection Event sourcing

Phone SMS alarm

Real-time monitoring

Emergency ventilation

Continuous optimization

Remote setup and diagnostics

iEC Environment Controller

1.More security with dual system,the independent design of control system and human-computer interaction

2.More security with dual power supply

3. Strong anti-interference ability and high stability with power-level electromagnetic compatibility design

4. Free to set the relay function to meet the needs of various power equipment configuration and combination schemes

5.Adaptive ventilation algorithm, smooth ventilation in the house to avoid stress

6. Effectively extending the lifespan of the fan with fan rotation algorithm,

7. Comfortable temperature with air cooling effect algorithm

8.Reduce maintenance costs and effectively prevent the spread of the epidemic by remote and on-site centralized settings

9.Remote and field centralized diagnosis can solve problems in a timely manner and ensure the optimal operating state of the system

10.New function update in time by remote upgrade

11.Strong scalability to satisfy users to access various non-standard sensors and equipment

12. Easy to operate with graphical interface

13.Support batch import and export of controller parameters, which is convenient for batch installation

14. Historical data is accurate to every minute, and the equipment operations can be accurately viewed

15.Built-in professional wired & wireless networking for iEC seriesclimate controller

16.Multiple dampers, small windows and heating zones for different requirements

17.Support both site networking and cloud networking, and site networking mode does not require Internet support

18.Site centralized alarm and large-screen routine board support both

Ai6000 Central alarm is a monitoring and alarm equipment for the aquaculture industry, suitable for all kinds of farms that install aquaculture Internet of Things systems. The system has the advantages of simple operation, powerful function and beautiful design, so that users can manage the farm more conveniently and quickly. System functions include: alarm monitoring, alarm query, alarm setting, remote upgrade and so on.


iEC climate controller App

Ai6000 Central Alarm Controller

iEC climate controller PC applications

Support both Site networking andcloud networking modes

Production indicator/Environment indicator/Device status/alarm mode
√Remote system diagnosis √ Remote monitoring √ Equipment maintenance √ SMS alarm √ emergency ventilation function √ Data analysis optimization √ more equipment acquisition√ Culture humidity sensor √ Culture carbon dioxide sensor √ Culture ammonia gas sensor √ smart electricity meter water meter √ culture feed line water line √ culture alarm


Production and application cases
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技术指标介质:空气或其它不可燃气体。材质:咨询工厂。精度:当量程为0.25” (50 Pa), 0.5” (100Pa), 2” (500 Pa), 5” (1250Pa), 10” (2kPa), 15” (3 kPa), 25” (5kPa)时,精度为± 1%;当量程为 0.1” (25 Pa)以及所有正负组合量程,精度为± 2% FS 。稳定性:± 1% / 年 FSO。温度限制:0 ...

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